Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Sullivan {8 months}

 This smile never gets old! :)

 Check out that drool...

Crawling all over the place!

Stats: He just had a check up and weighed 17lb. 13 oz. I was surprised he wasn't bigger, but now that he is crawling, I guess he is burning alot more calories during the day.

Firsts: First Easter! He got some pajamas, sippy cups, and books. First time sitting up in the buggy at the store-- this is HUGE! It makes grocery shopping so much better! First wagon ride. First time swinging at the park. 

Milestones: Crawling! At about 7.5 months, Sullivan started crawling. He kept waking up in the middle of the night and would be on his hands and knees rocking and trying to crawl. He only did it at night, not during the day at all, for about a week. Then he started rolling over and pulling straight up on his hands and knees. He never army crawled at all. He is already getting pretty fast now too! He pulled up to his feet for the first time this month too. This is alot harder for him and I've only seen him do it twice so far. Another milestone he hit this month is sleeping through the night! It isn't completely consistent yet, but he has had several nights of sleeping from 8-6. Then he eats and goes back to sleep until about 7:30. Hope this continues!!

Food: He is still doing the same food routine pretty much. He fusses alot with meals if you don't feel him fast enough. Haha! He really likes the pouch foods and pouch applesauce too. 

Sleep: Finally starting to sleep through the night! I don't want to speak too soon, but I am hoping he continues sleeping well!! He still takes 3 naps, but he fights the last one more now so I will probably have to cut that one out soon. It is usually right around the time I am making dinner, but it is nice for him to rest and me to cook dinner without him at my feet but that's probably about to change. 

Our days: Our schedule has been pretty much the same this month. We haven't traveled quite as much so it's been nice to be home in our routine. Sullivan is still easy going and will nap on the go pretty easily. 

Favorites: I love that Sullivan can play and entertain himself more now that he is crawling. If he gets bored with a toy, he just crawls and gets a new one. He is really starting to understand and play with his toys now too. I am also loving this sleeping all night thing!! :)

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